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Help! My printer is jamming again!

“We need a service tech to fix our copier. It’s jamming from one of the trays.”

Ever hear these statements in your office? We do just about every day when our customers call in and place a request for service. If you are experiencing a jamming problem with your copier, printer or MFP, check into the brand of paper you are feeding your machine. The paper you are using could be the culprit. One paper I can recommend is the Hammermill Tidal MP. I have witnessed this paper reduce the number of jams in several pieces of equipment. Humidity is another problem in the Houston area. Copy paper behaves just like a sponge – absorbs moisture. If your machine is jamming and you feel you are using a good quality paper, check for “damp” paper. Loading a new “fresh” package of paper in the machine may resolve the jamming problem.

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