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Harris County Precinct 4

From: Commissioner R. Jack Cagle

Harris County Precinct 4

1001 Preston, Suite 950

Houston. TX 77002
713- 274-4050

Last week in a surprise partisan attack, Harris County Commissioners Court voted 3-2 to take a
portion of METRO funding away from Harris County Precincts 3 and 4. This vote impacts Precinct 4
constituents by $3,069,709 in road construction funds this year alone. The first attack was just a
beginning. Commissioners Ellis and Garcia stated in a joint press
conference https://youtu .be/ l wovSvZ3ePs that they seek to also go after portions of Precinct 3
and 4’s Mobility Funds where an estimated¬†$6 million per year is at stake in Precinct 4.

Precinct 4 maintains over 2,600 road miles and 327 bridges in a 72% unincorporated area. The
current formula for distribution accounts for the number of road miles each
precinct must maintain. These Mobility Funds maintain and construct roads that keep traffic moving
in your community and provide roadway access for a prompt response for law enforcement, fire and
emergency medical services that will ensure the continued safety of all residents.

As a stakeholder , I need your support on this important issue! Would you voice your opinion on
this matter at the next Commissioners Court meeting on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 ?

Commissioners Court meetings are open to the public and begin at 10:00 a.m. at 1001 Preston Stre
et, Suite 934, Houston, Texas 77002. However, if you wish to speak, you must complete the online
appearance request form found at:
htt ps:/ / appearancereques t.harr Subject matter: Restoration of METRO funds to
Precinct 4 and distribution of Mobility funds in Precinct 4.
It is now very typical for Commissioners Court to go beyond 6 hours. If you are unable to join me
in court to speak, I encourage you and others in your circle of influence to contact Judge Hidalgo
who also represents you on the court to express your concern .

Phone: 713-274-7000
U. S. Mail

The Honorable Judge Lina Hidalgo

1001 Preston, Suite 911
Houston, TX 77002

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