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Happy Halloween

As we approach in on Halloween, if you are looking for candy suggestions check out for Americans Top 10 rated Halloween candy suggestions. Based on the interactive map SIX states number one ranking candy is candy corn – which I find completely shocking. I personally am a fan, but find that candy corn is very polarizing, people like it or hate it – nothing in between. Reese’s Cups are our great state’s candy of choice, which, interestingly enough, is the one candy my husband and I pilfer from our children after trick or treating. My personal candy nemesis is the Halloween two pack of Twizzlers. I will go all year without eating a Twizzler, but those little bit size packs are irresistible. I’ve done my research ( AKA taste testing ) and I believe the Halloween Twizzlers are best because they are fresher. The red licorice is soft and pliable, the shape is still tubular and the texture doesn’t give you a sore jaw when eating – unless you eat 20 small packages in a sitting like I do.

Happy Halloween, Happy Snacking!

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