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Governor’s orders update

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Yesterday afternoon, Governor Abbott announced revisions to the Executive Order he issued last week.  Yesterday’s Executive Order (GA-21) expanded the types of businesses that are allowed to reopen in Texas. The new order allows for salons, barber shops and other similar personal services to reopen on May 8.


Governor Abbott also announced that on May 18, non-essential services provided by office workers in offices may reopen at up to 25 percent of the workforce, provided that employees maintain social distancing.  Non-essential manufacturing may also reopen on May 18, subject to a similar 25 percent rule.


Note that guidance for most sectors has been updated since the Governor’s orders on April 27.


A summary of this new Executive Order may be found here.


Key highlights

May 8:

  • Cosmetology salons, barber shops, hair salons, nail salons, and tanning salons may reopen.


May 18

  • Non-essential services provided by office workers in offices may reopen up to the greater of (i) 5 employees, or (ii) 25% of the workforce, provided employees maintain social distancing.
  • Non-essential manufacturing facilities may reopen.  Nonessential manufacturers should limit occupancy to 25%, stagger their workforce and maintain social distancing.
  • Gyms may reopen at 25% capacity, although showers and locker rooms must remain closed.


There were three other notable announcements by the Governor yesterday:

  • Bars will remain closed until social distancing strategies can be developed.
  • For restaurants, there are no capacity limitations on outdoor seating, although the social distancing standards apply.
  • Funerals, memorials, burials, and weddings are all treated the same as church services with limited seating arrangements, accommodations for at-risk populations.


Full text of the executive order may be found here.


Please visit our Work Safe webpage to find links to the new guidelines and protocols issued by the Governor’s Office.







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