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Governor Abbott’s Phase 2 of reopening Texas

Governor Abbott’s Latest Orders

Here are my notes on Governor Abbott’s press conference today, announcing Phase 2 of reopening Texas:

○ Effective immediately: massage establishments, and other businesses licensed under Chapter 455 Occupations Code may operate. Personal care and beauty services not already open may operate.

○ Effective immediately: childcare other than youth camps may operate.

○ On May 22, restaurants may expand capacity from 25% to 50%.

○ On May 22, bars and tasting rooms may open at 25%.

○ On May 29, outdoor areas of zoos may operate at 25% capacity. Indoor facilities must remain closed for the time being.

○ On May 31, youth camps and child programs may resume. This includes little leagues, summer camps, day-time and overnight, and other youth programs, such as VBS and boys and girls clubs.

○ On May 31, some professional sports may resume without spectators if those organizations so choose. This includes baseball, tennis, football, golf, and basketball.

○ Youth sporting practice may resume on May 31, but competitions may not resume until June 15.

○ Summer School: School districts may provide summer school as of June 1, as long as they practice safe distancing.

○ The governor’s task force is still studying the issue of reopening amusement parks.

○ Counties with fewer than 5 case counts can file papers with DSHS to bypass the 25% occupancy rules and open businesses at 50% capacity.

○ This plan will not take effect in the Amarillo or El Paso regions for an additional week because of higher outbreaks.

○ Hospitalization rates overall remain low and steady.

○ Texas is now testing 25,000 people per day at 600 sites.

○ The state is distributing 1 million face masks per day.

○ On April 13th, the 7-day average showed an infection rate of 13.8% (of those tested). As of today, that rate is at 5%.

You can read the full guidance here:

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