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Germs Yuck

Well thank goodness flu season has passed.  I seriously got sick (no pun intended) of people asking me if I had gotten my flu shot or, had the boys had their flu shot.  Fortunately, none of us have ever had the flu and we are truly blessed for that.  Not that we are immune to getting it, but surely blessed.

This brings me to a science project my son did for school which was truly eye opening.  A germ test if you will.  He gave me a list of items that he would be needing, and I diligently went to the store and purchased them all.

The test was to see which product, would be the best for fighting bacteria.  He had five petri dishes and used four different agents.  With one he used nothing and with the other four he used vinegar, Lysol, hand sanitizer, (ethanol) and liquid hand soap.  Using a clean cotton swab, he put each item in a separate dish and labeled them accordingly.  We waited to see what the results would be.  To my amazement, drum roll please, the hands down winner was…. SOAP.  That’s right!  Just pure hand soap.  The Lysol was in second place, and then the vinegar (acidic acid).  The hand sanitizer (ethanol) came in tied for last place with the dish that had no controlled agent on it looking almost identical.  Both completely covered with bacteria.

Every time I see someone using the hand sanitizer I just want to tell them and show the pictures that I took.  You are better off not wasting your money on that stuff.  Of coarse we all know to wash our hands, but I will never spend another dime on those little bottles filled with gel alcohol again.  WHAT A JOKE!


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