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From Tana

Only 6% of High School athletes will have the opportunity to play their sport at a college level and only 2% will get an athletics scholarship. My daughter a local senior had the honor of signing her National Letter of Intent and Athletics Scholarship to attend West Texas A & M and continue to play soccer starting in the Fall of 2020. I could not be any prouder of her for achieving this accomplishment. At 4 years old she was the little girl on the field running away from the ball. She slowly found her place and confidence on the field and before we knew it, she was playing at the most elite levels across the country. Many years of training, hard work, discipline, road trips, ID camps and great coaches have gotten her to this point. Soccer for her has been her therapy and kept her grounded all these years as she is a Navy brat having attended 10 schools in 5 different states with 7 moves throughout the years. This proves regardless of your circumstances hard work really does pay off in the end. Congratulations Grace we are so proud of you!

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