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From my friend

43 days from now the $2.7 billion dollar Mars 2020 mission will launch the Perserverance rover with a helicopter/drone to survey in preparation for manned missions to Mars.
Elon Musk’s SpaceX plans to send a supply mission there in 2022 in advance of the first human landing in 2024.

The Perserverance landing site is in the Jezero crater located at 18.4°N, 77.7°E.
If everything goes without a hitch the rover will land here on 18 Feb 2021
a 216 day transit or 30 weeks and six days or 7 months and one day.

Thinking about buying a few acres and building a cabin with a nice view before the bankers and lawyers arrive and the property values go up.
Ought to be real nice and quiet and the transit peaceful and relaxing…plenty of time to catch up on my reading.

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