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From Kristina

In times full of uncertainty and change, one can only try to find the silver lining in what seems to be a lot of set backs in the world. With such perceived hard times, welcoming change is really the only solution as the only constant IS change. As we find ourselves home more and attending less events and the like, as cliché as it sounds, using this extra down time to organize, evaluate and assess for the future has never been more important. Changing habits, whether it be spending habits or finally kicking sugar and extra carbs, will undoubtedly re-energize your focus and set one up for a successful future. Using this downtime to cut frivolous spending and reaching out to people more in person rather than on social media apps, is the change I personally have been needing but have been too busy or too caught up in the way things are – a normalized conditioning.

People need one another now more than ever. Unite. Reconnect with past people and connect with new people by broadening your circle. Focus on what’s most important by creating a priority list that you can live by daily without any deterrence. Remain open minded and objective. Work on setting yourself up by making smart decisions that may not have a noticeable impact until later …And before you know it, what seemed like the “end of the world” was really just a catalyst for much needed change.

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