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From Constable Mark Herman’s office via Office Systems of Texas

Stay safe when your Holiday shopping! Protect yourself and your property. Can you pass the Theft Reduction Report Card?

Door (s) Unlocked?

Window Open?

Items in Plain Sight?


STORE what you can: in the trunk, glove box or console when possible. Hiding valuables under something will actually attract burglars.

TAKE the remainder with you: Nothing should be left in sight. Newspapers, clothing, etc. can be regarded as hiding something.

LOCK your vehicle: Most burglaries occur with unlocked vehicles. Never leave keys in the vehicle.

OTHER measures one can take to prevent the criminal activity include: Parking in visible, well lit areas. When at home, parking in a garage is safer than parking in a driveway or on the street. Secure your vehicle properly and activate the security alarm or use anti-theft devices.

Let’s do all that we can to prevent or deter the criminal activity from taking place. Thank you!

Our thanks to Harris County Constables, Precinct 4

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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