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From Bill

Competition Dance Season 2018

This past weekend was my Daughter’s last dance competition for the year. I am so Proud of my little dancer and how much she has grown over the years and especially this year. She did great on her Solos and All the girls did great on the group dances. This season she placed in all the competitions that she entered as a soloist. That means that she was in the TOP 10 of all the dancers that competed in her age, skill level, and Type of dance. I Am such a proud DANCE DAD! She dances at the Cypress Academy of Performing Arts Dance company, CAPA for short. She placed first in 2 competitions in her style, Jazz, and second overall in her Age group in two competitions, she also placed sixth overall in a couple and she was awarded Platinum (the highest award) and Gold trophies as well as plaques, medals, ribbons, and pins for all her hard work this year as a soloist. That means that next year, not only will she go up in age group but also be moved up in skill level. The group dances placed in most of the competitions and ALL the Solo Dancers did great. I’m lucky to be able to call CAPA more than just a dance studio, it’s a Family that we belong to. My daughter has made so many new friends this year and continues to fortify her bond with the friends from previous years at CAPA. The dancers, their families, and CAPA Staff are great and they support each other like Family should. This year my daughter danced to a rendition of  I GOT NO STRINGS by Jess Penner for her Solo and was dressed like a marionette.

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Her group dances were STUPID CUPID, YOU RAISE ME UP, and an 80’S Compilation song called THE WERKOUT VIDEO. Here is a picture of Our Dancers with Miss Emma, their director.

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Congratulations to ALL the Dancers at CAPA for a Year full of growth and success, I look forward to many more years with our Dance Family!

‘Till next time……

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