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Fastest service in town

Recently a customer greeted me by saying “Are you guys trying to beat Jimmy Johns?” and I asked politely, “how is that?” and she responded: “well, when we order sandwiches from Jimmy Johns those guys deliver them super-fast”. In another occasion I was talking to an IT person while he was taking me to the copier machine I was supposed to service, he mentioned that their company had two more office machine providers and that OSOT was the fastest arriving to service their machine and when it was time to renew the service contracts their superiors would ask them which copier company had the best response time.

This is only two occasions among many others that customers praise our performance on how fast we arrive to their location to take care of their office equipment. In my long experience in this business and working in different companies I have never seen a company putting so much emphasis in response time as OSOT.

When customers tell me:” gee…that was fast…we just placed the service call not too long ago” I simply tell them…we have the fastest service in town…!!

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