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End of Windows 10 Mobile Devices Support

Konica Minolta would like to advise you that effective December 10, 2019, we will no longer be supporting the Konica
Minolta Mobile Print app for Windows-based mobile devices. This app will be removed from the Microsoft App Store as of
December 13, 2019. The availability and support for iOS and Android-based devices will continue.
The termination of the Windows-based Konica Minolta Print app is a result of Microsoft’s announcement that they will no
longer support Window 10 mobile devices as of December 10, 2019. Though Microsoft stopped expanding their feature
set over the last few years, they did continue to develop security and software updates to ensure Windows platform users
could perform mobile tasks seamlessly while protecting them against viruses and other security risks. Since these
updates will cease, Konica Minolta can no longer offer a solution that compromises the customer’s user experience or
protection against potential viruses, etc.
Due to the negligible amount of Windows-based Konica Minolta Mobile Print app downloads (in comparison to iOS and
Android-based app downloads), we anticipate a minimal impact for your customers. Microsoft is recommending that
Windows 10 Mobile users transition to a supported iOS or Android mobile device. We suggest that you advise your
customers of this recommendation. If they would like more information regarding Microsoft’s decision to end Windows 10
Mobile support as well as answers to other frequently asked questions, please direct them to the following web site:

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