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E.V’s are taking off in Norway

While driving on the streets of Houston and surrounded areas, I occasionally  smell the obnoxious gas fumes or smog coming from  cars in front or besides me, these are probably some combustion engines that haven’t been tune up for a while or have engine issues and their owners probably paid a bribe to some shady smog inspection station so they could pass the smog inspection  and placed the sticker on the car’s windshield.

Fortunately, Norway is doing something about automobile emission pollution, recently electric vehicles rose to 53% in sales, compare to 47% sales in combustion engines, this is one of  the world’s highest percentage  of E.Vs  sold in this country of 5.3 million people.

The Norwegian E.V success is the result extremely generous incentives to E.V buyers and it punishes people who continue to use gas or diesel cars. Capital city Oslo has made extraordinary efforts to promote E.V’s, including toll free roads, HOV-lane access, free parking and free charging and that makes Oslo one of the cleanest, quietest city on the planet.

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