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Dissatisfied Customer, terrible survey

We received a survey from a customer after having had a service call on their device and it went like this:

Rate our dispatch (ease of placing a service call etc.)                                                             1 out of 10

Communication to keep me informed if needed                                                                     1 out of 10

Technician left the equipment repaired to your satisfaction                                               0 out of 10

Technician explained the problem/resolution/provided training if needed                   1 out of 10

Rate our technician overall                                                                                                        1 out of 10

How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?    3 out of 10

We threw the survey in the recycling…

Not really, because we genuinely care. The Service Manager called the customer, Matt K, to discover what the problem was. After listening and understanding Matt, we dispatched the same technician to resolve the problem on the Konica Minolta C454e Printer/Copier.

We followed up after the second service call with Matt and he was generous enough to respond.

Have you changed your opinion of our performance?   “Yes”

“That was before you repaired my machine-please send me another survey please.

Have we corrected the problem to your satisfaction?    “If it was after that last response was in error-sorry George I would refer you for sure”

We were truly sorry we did not satisfy this customer on the initial service call. Upon our receiving the survey, we responded to him promptly and are very happy that he is now pleased.

Our company may never have known our customer was  unhappy, if not for his responding to our after service survey.

Our thanks for Matt’s response and opportunity to be given another chance. Good job Robert and Dallas!

George Peckham, President of Office Systems of Texas




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