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  • CRN (Computer Reseller News) magazine published interview with HP Inc. CEO, Dion Weisler
  • “What is HP’s biggest fear? Not tariffs or macroeconomic issues, but cybersecurity”
  • “It’s an ongoing battle against the bad guys, but we’re investing heavily in this space”
  • Claims that this focus has caused its commercial net revenue from personal systems (HP PCs and laptops) in the quarter to rise 7% from a year earlier
  • has been investing in security in the company “across the board.”
  • “It’s really important for us in both printing and personal systems. We think it’s highly differentiated”
  • “Our customers believe it is — that’s why demand for our products is really strong. And our partners understand it as well.”
  • Also commented on the “Device-as-a-Service” strategy, where customers do not buy equipment, but is provided as part of service contract::
    • “White it is true there is some initial investment, there is really no alternative.”
    • “Because the market, given the mega-trends, is going to move there anyway”
    • “The question is, are you going to be there for that end customer or not?”
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