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Cyber Security

HP predicts more cyberattacks in 2021

  • New report published by HP forecasts threats in 2021
  • “anticipates an increase in…ransomware, message hijacking, insider threats, corporate email corruption…”
  • “the consequences of the pandemic have weakened security within companies”
  • “corporate data is less and less secure”
  • “We should expect cybercriminals to identify and exploit any new vulnerabilities that have emerged as a result of new ways of doing business”
  • “anticipate an upsurge in attacks on home computer equipment”
  • “hackers to attack consumer IoT devices”
  • “We are seeing an increase in ransomware-as-a-service attacks”
  • “even if the ransom is paid, there is no guarantee that the perpetrator of the threat will not monetize the stolen information”
  • Healthcare vertical is “one of the sectors most at risk in 2021”
    • “Health is an ideal target. All of society depends on it, but organizations in this sector are generally under-equipped and often lagging behind in terms of innovation”
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