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Current & Future Office Technology Platforms

Kevin Kern, Sr VP, Business Intelligence Services and Product Planning for Konica Minolta

“In looking at the “smart office” and the future of work, we take a more holistic view than just the technology itself. While the evolution of our API and Internal web services platforms in our Bizhub product line over the past 15 years has provided the infrastructure for customers to build efficient document workflow, this is only one part of the workplace of the future. The critical factors in the future of work still revolve around People. Places and Technology. Companies both small and large must attract and retain talent, secure their data, optimize their resources and survive and thrive in a highly competitive global business environment. People are inundated with data – both structured and unstructured – from every possible source, and are struggling to leverage this data to drive meaningful business outcomes. The question is how to create an environment and technology infrastructure that supports the rapid evolution of work itself”.

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