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Cell Backup

Have you backed up all those very important pictures you’ve taken with that fancy new smart phone? I think just about every cell phone backs up all that good stuff to a cloud nowadays. Not sure which cloud but I guess it jumps into a cloud somewhere. But what if that cloud becomes a storm cloud and for some unknown reason some or all your pictures get corrupted or even disappears. You would be an unhappy camper because no one likes to camp under a stormy cloud! I checked into a few backup apps for cell phones this past weekend. I decided on one and began the process. As I proceeded with the backup plan, I learned that since my phone does not have an external Micro SD card slot, I had to improvise. I found an adapter that allowed me to connect a USB thumb-drive to the charge/connection port of my phone. I opened up the backup app on my phone. Selected the “backup to external memory” choice and began the process. The display stated the process should take 15 minutes. I got hungry after staring for 3 minutes at the phone. Heated up some smoked boudin and BBQ baked beans for lunch. The phone beeps once just as I placed the dirty dishes in the sink. The phone’s display now stated “All done”. Sounds like me after lunch! Removed the thumb-drive from the cell phone & inserted it into the laptop. Looking good so far as a new folder created by the backup app was added on the thumb-drive. I plan to do this backup procedure about once every few months as a “just in case” re-assurance, keep my fingers & toes crossed, security blanket, that maybe, just maybe, I have a working copy of all the goodies stored on my cell phone.

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