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Business Copiers 101

Business Copiers 101 : How to know what copier fits best for your business ?

Despite the evolution of technology and the notion of a paperless office, many businesses still need the use of hard copy documents. In order to have a multi-faceted business, it’s important to continue to incorporate both printed and online materials in a business plan. The problem many decision makers in a firm have when making the decision of purchasing or leasing a machine, especially if it’s their first time making this decision, is figuring out where to start. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before searching for the copier that best fits your business.

• Do I need this machine to print in color or just black and white?
Many offices have the need to print in color and sometimes have to outsource job prints because they don’t have a color copier, or perhaps their color desktop’s quality is not the best or the fastest. Having a color copier in their office would save them valuable time and money. Many organizations debate whether a color copier is really necessary. However, using color in business documents gives your organization a more professional look. But sometimes the need for color is complete unnecessary so a simple B&W copier would be their best fit.

• What’s the largest size I can copy?
Copiers have printing size limitations. Some copiers print only standard size, while others, like the Konica Minolta standalone copiers, have adjustable paper trays that allow you to print up to 11” x 17” full bleed on 12” x 18” paper. They also can print banners.

• How fast do I want my copier to print?
This question can be answered in many ways.
 How many people will be printing to this printer?
 How fast will they want the job printed ?
 What is my monthly copy volume?
 Or How many times a month do I replenish the paper trays?
These question will give you an idea of the print speed your copier needs. The Konica Minolta business class copiers print from 27 pages per minute to 79 pages per minute. That information is given by the model of the machine. For example the Bizhub C308 is a 8 series color MFP that prints at 30 pages per minute. The C indicates it’s a color machine, the 30 indicates the print speed, and the last number is the series of the machine.

• What additional features does my business need?
With the previous information, you are able to determine what machine you will need. Now, what additional features does your machine needs that your business requires?
 Does your business still uses fax?
If yes, a fax kit needs to be added on.
 Do you staple a lot ?
Consider adding a finisher.
 How about folding or hole punching?
 Do you need to make booklets?
Consider adding a finisher that not only staples, but folds and hole punches as well.

All these are extra features that are added to your standard printer.

Hopefully I was able to guide you in how to get started when choosing the best copier for your business. If you are in the Houston area and are interested in getting more information on copiers, please don’t hesitate to contact Office Systems of Texas. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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