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bizhub vCare is Now Certified Green!

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. is pleased to announce that bizhub vCare has been Certified Green by Miercom. In order to achieve Miercom’s Green Certification, products and solutions must be evaluated based on power consumption, energy efficiency, and overall environmental impact.

Miercom is a leading independent test facility that participates in hands-on testing of products, solutions and services for the enterprise network and communications industry. Konica Minolta engaged Miercom to evaluate the bizhub vCare solution as well as several Konica Minolta devices, representative of the entire bizhub product line. The bizhub vCare solution is Konica Minolta’s device relationship management system, designed to enhance the customer experience for bizhub, bizhub PRO, and bizhub PRESS users. bizhub vCare consists of embedded technology within the Konica Minolta MFP, providing the user with maximum up-time and optimum output quality. T he bizhub vCare solution collects meter data and can send users warning and service alert notifications in real-time for all Konica Minolta devices.

Based on the Miercom evaluation, some of the key environmental benefits of bizhub vCare follow:

  •  bizhub vCare provides usage and power consumption data, which can be used to minimize energy consumption. The ability to track consumable items such as filters ensures that they are replaced when needed, reducing the exposure to exhaust, which can include carbon dioxide, ozone and toner dust. The latest version of bizhub vCare, can now track carbon dioxide emissions as well.
  •  Fuel savings: bizhub vCare has the ability to send error code alerts which help pinpoint operational issues, and if necessary, it can prompt a service technician to be dispatched immediately. Therefore, the issue is most likely being proactively resolved during the first visit, eliminating the need for follow-up trips.

Research conducted by Miercom validated Konica Minolta’s ongoing commitment to preserving the environment with efforts such as:

 Konica Minolta’s Medium-Term Environmental Plan launched in 2005, seeking to achieve numerous green objectives by 2015. Objectives include reducing carbon dioxide emissions by: 60% in product usage, 10% in product manufacturing, 30% in product distribution and 50% in product sales and service.


Overall, “Miercom was very impressed with the energy efficiency and ecologically intelligent design of the bizhub products tested, as well as the positive environmental impact of bizhub vCare”.

For additional information or to download the full Miercom Certified Green Report, please visit .



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