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Birthday Parties continue

Happy Easter! Now that it’s over, what to do next? OH YEA, my oldest daughter that still lives with us, the recent College Graduate, is Turning 23 today, Earth Day. Now we have to do some juggling to try and find some time to celebrate her Birthday!… I’m so proud of her and all that she has accomplished so far! So I think we can make some time…it’s just a little hard, my other daughter is still in mid Dance Competition season and so far so good but it does take a lot of time and practice so she dances 5 days a week for at least 2 hours a practice. It has paid off, her and her duet partner have placed in all the dance competitions so far and the rest of the team has done great also. My daughter is in a total of 4 different dances and she has also found the time to do some extra dancing with other people as well. Just last week we took her to Dance workshop with Eva Igo, she is one of the “WORLD OF DANCE” stars and is a great dancer. My Daughter and one of her best friends went to her workshop when she was in town last year and this year two more dancers from her school went also. All four dancers said that they had a great time and loved the experience. At the same time, my daughter still finds the time to be a student teacher or teachers assistant for the intro to Ballet, Tap, and Jazz class at her studio. She loves dancing and I will support her all the way, even if we have no time to ourselves. Then there’s my son. He has tried gymnastics and dance, but he never quite liked it as much as my daughter. Recently we enrolled him in Taekwondo, he’s hooked. He loves the sport and looks forward to going 4 days a week. Now our time is pretty much non existent. If we’re not in school or work, you can find us at the Dance Studio or the Dojo…. Or when we can, sleeping somewhere….yes even in the car on the way to a competition. Today is challenging, but we will make time to celebrate my daughter’s Birthday. For everyone else, Happy Earth Day and hope you had a great Easter!

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