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From Bill

Hola, como estan? Tuve una sorpresa este fin de semana, mi Primo favorito llego a visitar de Mexico, That roughly translates into….Hello, How are you? I got a nice surprise this past weekend. My favorite cousin came into town From Mexico to visit. My Mom and his Mom are two of 13 children that my Gradparents had. They are also the two closest in age. My Aunt is two years older than my Mom and my cousin is two years younger than me, but two years older than my Brother, When my family would go to Mexico City to visit the rest of our Family, our two families would hang out the most. I have a lot of fond memories of hanging out with my cousin as little kids.  I wish I had know he was coming so I could have taken some time OFF of work, but since he works in the Mexican Government, sometimes he needs to take vacation whenever he can. That means that sometimes he can NOT know until a few days before he can go. I hope to have some time to Show him the parts of Houston that he has not seen yet. The last time he came, we took him to see MinuteMaid Park, Reliant Stadium, San Jacinto and the Battleship TEXAS, The Art Car Museum,  The Tin Can House, Space Center Houston, and a few other places. This time since he is only here for 7 days, Maybe we can take him to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, It’s that time of year around here. Whatever we do I hope he has fun!


‘Till next time……


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