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Barbara Stark

OSOT has delivered service to our company time and time again.  I never have to call about the copier, they know when there is a problem, they try to fix it over the phone and when they can’t they are here within hours.  When our copier had a bad board, they came to fix it and realized that during the repair that this would be better if fixed at their shop, so they brought out a loaner copier and were here for hours making sure that everyone could copy to the loaner copier.  Then they fixed our copier and brought it back and again made sure that everyone was copying before they left.  This is what “service” is, making sure that the customer can still be running even when our actual machine had an issue. We had very minimal downtime and I’m sure if it wasn’t Friday when this occurred, we would have had a loaner copier the next day.  We are just grateful for their attentiveness and as the administrator for our copier, I am glad they are on top of the machine and have even come out here when I didn’t even know there was an issue.
Thanks OSOT for your outstanding customer service!

Barbara Stark
Legends Sports Complex

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