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Bacon Wrapped Venison

We decided on a nontraditional Christmas Dinner this year. Instead of turkey and ham for the meats, we served up some fresh venison backstrap. I cut the backstrap in 2” cubes and clobbered the meat cubes with a tenderizing hammer. Best to perform this action outside as small pieces of meat fling everywhere. That step turned the cubes into nice, kinda round, half inch thick, small steaks. I marinated the venison in a mixture of 50/50 beer and Dale’s steak seasoning for about 4 hours. Next, I cut in half (long ways) jalapeno peppers. De-seed the peppers. You’ll need one halved jalapeno pepper per piece of meat. Stuff the jalapeno halves with cream cheese. Drain & pat dry the venison. Wrap the cream cheese stuffed pepper with the venison. Here comes the hard part. Wrap bacon around the venison while trying to keep the pepper concoction wrapped inside the meat. Wrap the bacon so it covers the entire peace of venison. Use 2 pieces of bacon if needed. Stick a toothpick or 2 through the bacon and meat to secure the bacon to the meat. Toothpicks also keeps the peppers from escaping during the cooking process.  Grill at 350 degrees and rotate the meat as needed until the cream cheese starts to sneak out of the ends. Yummmmmmmie!

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