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Astros Fever

I am so excited that our Houston Astros are going back to The World Series.

I have grown up in Houston and it has been very satisfying to see this Astros Team achieve this level of greatness.

When I say achieve this level of greatness, I am not only talking about what they have accomplished on the field but the way they have represented themselves and the City of Houston.

The other clubs they have faced have had questionable attitudes and so have their fans. Not so much in the Tampa series but for sure in the New York series.

I am very proud to say that I am an Astros fan when I see their accomplishments on the field but also when I see their humble spirit and when I see the other Houston fans responding the same. It is very refreshing to see respect for the National Anthem and to see the fans in the stadium respect the opposing team.

Here’s to a Great World Series and another Astro’s Victory.


Go Astros!!!!!

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