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Another Customer Scammed!

Yesterday a customer called in and asked why they were being invoiced $500 for 2 toners. The customer stated they have a maintenance contract on their copier/printer that included toner. The customer noticed the invoice was not from Office Systems of Texas and asked what’s the price of the toner if it was not included in a contract. The price was $92.00 per bottle.

I informed the customer these toner scammers are very clever. They call companies & pretend to be the customer’s toner supplier. Customers are caught off guard and provide the copier model to the scammer. Next, customers receive toners, genuine or an inferior brand, plus a whopper of an invoice.

Please be care when being contacted by anyone portraying to be a supplier for your copier/printer equipment. We do not contact our customers to ask what’s the make and model of their copier/printers.

You can find several articles online regarding this type of scam. Below is a link posted at

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