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–If you use your GPS to get to your destination, thank the Air Force.  The U.S Air Force maintains GPS satellite and broadcast signals from space to calculate location and time.

–An “Ace” is a pilot who has shot down 5 or more enemy aircraft.  Joseph C. McConnell holds the record as Top Jet Ace.  He shot down 16 MIG fighters in the Korean war over a 4-month period in 1953.

–During the 1960s and 1070s most of the United States nuclear weapons were located at Minot Air force Base in North Dakota.

–When the President of the United States isn’t on one of the planes we refer to as Air Force One (yes there are two) they are simply known as 28000 or 29000.  “Air Force One” is the air traffic control designation for any plane that the President is a passenger on.  It is considered “protection level one” and airmen are permitted to use deadly force on unauthorized personnel.

–When President Nixon resigned his plane took off as Air Force One, by the time it landed, it was called SAM 27000.

–Truman signed the National Security Act in 1947 on what would become the first plane to be designated as Air force One.

–The National Security Act in 1947 separated the Army Air Force from the Army and made it an equal branch of the military—the U.S. Air Force.

–A few former airmen you may have heard of; Buzz Aldrin, George Carlin, Morgan Freeman, John R. Cash, Chuck Norris, Ronald Regan, and George W. Bush

–When John R. Cash tried to enlist in the Air Force, initials (J.R. Cash) were not allowed to be used as a proper name.  Thus, the adopted new name later to become known as Johnny Cash.

God bless America!!


Teresa Hinson

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