Some of the Industries and Markets We Serve

Systems Information Management

Whatever your industry, you can count on Konica Minolta to deliver the most advanced in systems information management. Specifically designed to be powerful yet cost effective, bizhub office MFPs and bizhub PRO production MFPs offer a wide range of printing and data management solutions that keep your information ahead of the curve. Plus, you get world class service and support from Konica Minolta.


The healthcare industry is undergoing drastic changes. One area that has recently gained much attention and federal funding is Electronic Health Records (EHR) conversion. This conversion from hard-copy records to electronic systems information management is vital to the patient’s safety, security and efficiency of converting healthcare data. Konica Minolta provides fast, flexible solutions for converting hard-copy records to digital form — and meeting new performance and security standards for both the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH). Our bizhub MFPs offer the broadest range of security protections (ISO 15408 and EAL 3) and options for the healthcare industry that conform to HIPAA security standards such as audit-trail user log sheet features. Plus, with bizhub OP (Open Platform) and bEST (bizhub Extended Solutions Technology), integrating with your existing system is simple.


It is estimated that each year legal paper work grows by 100%. Konica Minolta has worked with law firms, corporations and government agencies to organize and manage this information more efficiently. Document security is critical in the legal industry and you can count on Konica Minolta to deliver the highest level of certification for all bizhub devices – ISO 15408 certified and EAL 3. In addition to security, bizhub MFPs offer robust features for integrating information into your system including : chargeback solutions, built-in tab printing, and universal real-time TWAIN drivers that scan directly to multiple locations and interface with legal scanning solutions including: IPRO COPY+, LAW 5.0 PreDiscovery and Ribstone Systems.


As the digital age continues to progress, so does the need for electronic systems information management. In the past student and school records were all kept in hard-copy files but expectations have changed and so the need for electronic student records has grown. Converting to all digital records has its advantages for the education sector: grading papers, reporting exam scores and delivering report cards easier, safer, less costly, and more convenient. Konica Minolta bizhub devices are built with the future in mind. They can easily integrate information into your system with the click of one button and are designed to directly interface with many educational scanning systems, including Gravic Remark Office OMR. Plus, bizhub devices have the most comprehensive security and authentication solutions in the industry including biometric, password and proximity card so you know student records are safe.