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Ability to do Business

The nightly news has provided a plethora of statistics regarding the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in regards to newly diagnosed cases, the mortality rate; its impact on the availability of hospital beds, ventilators and N95 masks; geographic penetration, age, gender and race characteristics. Not to mention the impact on our economy via lost jobs and business.

Earlier this week, ENX Magazine sent out a survey to its circulation base to get a glimpse of just how much impact this unprecedented event has visited on the office technology universe. Before we get started, here’s a bit of information regarding the participants:

A full 60% of respondents identified themselves as an office technology dealership. Another 6% identified as a manufacturer direct operation. Slightly less called themselves VARs, managed print service providers and distributors. Geographically, 27% identified as being from the Northeast, and another 27% hail from the Midwest. Another 18% are from the Southwest.

Ability to Do Business

Our first question asked, “How would you characterize your current ability to do business?” Sixty-six percent claimed to be “severely impacted” and 25% reported being “mildly impacted.” Only 5% reported “little to no impact” while 3.4% responded their business is at a “complete standstill.”


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