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A Month to Remember

Well, what an exciting month for our family.  I am very proud to say that the youngest of our 4 boys graduated high school and is going to start college in the fall.  Our second to the youngest also graduated this month from the Air Force and is now attending tech school for the job he has chosen.  Both these guys graduated just a couple of days apart.  It was an action-packed week for sure!  We had lots of family come down to help us celebrate and it was so wonderful.

I must be honest, as proud as I am of our young men, I still could not hold back the tears.  This whole month has been full of water works and I never know when it’s going to happen.  I could be listening to a song, grocery shopping, or at work.  I call it the R.A.T.S (random acts of tears).  Mostly, because I was missing my Airman during his basic training.  It is EXTREMELY hard to have no contact with your child for weeks at a time.  Now I know what it means when they say the family serves along with their service member.  I am excited for their future and to see the great things they will do.

I thank GOD every day for my children and pray for his favor, blessing, and protection over them.


Teresa Hinson

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