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A humble president

Only in recent history I’ve heard of handful of presidents that had given up the luxuries and comforts that comes with the status of been president of a country. Among them is the president of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

AMLO immediately after winning the presidency of Mexico sold the luxurious presidential airplane worth 250 million dollars, he said: “How can I fly in this expensive plane knowing that some of my country men and women are unemployed and their families living in poverty”. Currently he is flying economy class in commercial airlines and escorted by five unarmed civilians, when people see him in the airplanes and airports they start taking selfies and hug him, a real nightmare for people escorting him but he is not afraid that somebody can harm him, always relying on his faith for protection.

He also sold the presidential limousines and is driven in Jetta Volkswagen few years old. And finally he announced that he won’t be living in the presidential palace, It is now converted in a museum where people of any economic status can visit and see firsthand how presidents before Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador lived surrounded by  luxury and opulence.

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